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To make every underutilized property more efficient by convincing home owners to allow fellow humans into their homes.

Unlike large property management companies that treat their customers in an impersonal way, we are proud of our boutique character. We only select a limited number of homes and properties to work with in order to provide our unhindered attention to you, your home and your guests. We understand that a home is a very intimate part of people’s lives. This is where children form memories, where some of your most memorable experiences are created, and where you enjoy your privacy.

Whether you intend to open up a second home or a part-time getaway, we will treat your place with respect and we pledge that the use of your private quarters by non-family members will not only make you feel better, but will actually improve your home over time. You see, a house is like an organic entity, it needs to be lived on with regularity, its pipes and drains need to run smoothly, it requires regular cleaning, and have someone periodically tell you that a light bulb has gone off. Renting your home makes all this possible.

We may not be able to guarantee that a guest will not break a glass once in a while, but with our assistance, you will be able to to accomplish the following goals with complete satisfaction:

  • Obtain a regular income stream from your home, an otherwise underutilized resource.

  • Use your home more efficiently.

  • Provide a capital gain over time as improvements are made.

  • Maintaining control over when you’d like to use your home.

  • Help the environment.

  • Enabling complete strangers appreciate your property which was previously unreachable.

  • Spread the wealth by providing income to your cleaning crew and your local community.


What ties our team together is our honest belief in the ecological and social advantages of the sharing economy.

Rodrigo Villarreal

Rodrigo Villarreal

President & Founder

Stanford University graduate, post graduate degrees from the US and Italy, and has lived in seven countries. Yes, traveling is a passion.

Monica Echeverria

Account Director

External and media affairs expert, with experience with the Mexican President Office, the World Bank, the IDB, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Alberto Mucino

Marketing Director

Tech guru, founder of own Internet marketing and advertising companies, and above all, awesome soccer coach for his daughter.


We work with the very best technology partners to monitor your home remotely.


No detail of your home is too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your home the perfect Airbnb.