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My family and I loved living in this Cape Cod-style home until we moved to Singapore. It is a house to enjoy, gather around the spacious living room, or discuss politics in kitchen with plenty of natural light.

Upon entering, you will notice the labyrinthine design, with narrow hallways, smaller doorways, and somewhat odd layout. But for kids, this place was always a little like an big adventure.

Whenever you are visiting the Washington, DC or the Bethesda area, I trust you will appreciate the ideal location. Only minutes to downtown Bethesda, and easy access to Washington, DC. Its ample front and back yard, will fill you with tranquility after a hectic day in the city. The well-appointed kitchen will provide everything you need to reward yourself with a gourmet dinner, or just visit one of the many excellent restaurants just 5 minutes away.

We love going back to “Azalea Hill” specially in Spring, when the colorful bushes are blooming and the entire neighborhood feels festive. But anytime of the year is a welcome refuge to us or any visitor.

Please enjoy your stay.