Deer Cross Lodge (Deep Creek Lake, MD, USA)

/Deer Cross Lodge (Deep Creek Lake, MD, USA)
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Project Description

We have owned this wonderful hidden lakefront property for over 10 years, and never miss a chance to visit it ourselves and enjoy in an environmentally responsible way. This is the place where we entertain close friends and relatives alike, where we build a fire and hope to fix the world over long conversations under the stars.

On colder evenings, we huddle by the fire place before gathering at the dining table. Dinner is served straight from the awesome grill as one of us cook medium rare sirloins or stirred fried veggies. The house is open and inviting for conversations, but secluded enough that we appreciate the tranquility whenever we seek it and need to leave the chaos of the city behind.

And yet, nothing is more appealing than spending time at the waterfront, watching the gentle waves rocking the floating dock as we take lazy afternoon naps under the warm sun. When we’re ready for something more exhilarating, we take advantage of water skiing or take a dip into the refreshing water of Deep Creek Lake.

This is heaven for us. We’d like to share not only the property, but the experience as well and to do so for many years to come. Please enjoy the place with the same love and effort that we have given it for all this time.