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Project Description

“Casa El Molcajete,” a home in the sky which we have owned since 2014, is certainly not for the faint of heart. However, once you reach this heavenly spot, you will be rewarded with a sense of serenity and calm which may incite a feeling that you are floating in the wind while soaking in the breath-taking views of the Lake and surrounding mountains of Valle de Bravo. This is a place to contemplate the beauty of nature, engage in life discussions with close friends and relatives, taste the gourmet food of our chef, and pick up a book from our extraordinary library. I trust you will immediately feel in the company of Mexican writers, cinematographers, and other intellectuals as you scroll the expansive and available selection of works of history, the arts, cuisine, and so much more. Your kids will lay down on the carpet in the TV room while maybe the grown ups enjoy a local beer or have a Mexican appetizer in the large living room while attempting to fix the world.

At about 9,000 feet above sea level, to reach Casa El Molcajete you must drive a steep uphill. It may seem daunting for the newcomer, but the neighbors drive up and down these roads with gusto all the time.

Our wonderful staff, Juve and Juanita, will take care of your every need and will treat you and your party like family. They know this house inside and out, as they have been part of it for over 20 years.

The architecture is like nothing you have ever seen or experienced. Literally hanging from “La Peña”, the Rock, the foundation of the structure is embedded on the 70 degree mountain slope (hence the many stairs). With wide open windows from within and a manicured courtyard from without, you won’t miss the landscape, in fact, the house IS part of the landscape. The warm Mexican sun reaches the lawn almost from sunrise to sunset, allowing you to sunbathe near our Jacuzzi/small heated pool year round. Have breakfast overlooking the cliff, or simply take a nap in one of our deckchairs while you let Juve pamper you with a cold drink.

Every detail of the interior decoration has also been carefully thought out to match the essence of traditional Mexican taste. The use of local wood artisans is everywhere, from the high beams to the library loft, and everywhere in between. There are craftsmanship details big and small, and too many to describe here.

And finally, there is the food, and hence the house name “El Molcajete” (cooking mortar). As food designers and artists ourselves, we literally wanted to capture gourmet Mexican cuisine in exquisite detail. The kitchen is large and inviting and we actually spend time there cooking up a feast. Our staff will take care of the local market shopping, and just wait until Juanita prepares a traditional dish for you and your guests. Then heaven will truly be within grasp.

I could go on and on describing our lovely home on The Rock, a home we continue to enjoy with our large family and close circle of friends. But why keep this jewel all to ourselves? We want you and yours to experience what we feel when we come to meditate and relax here. We are willing to open our doors to guests from around the world and we look forward to hearing all about what we are doing right and how we can improve.

Enjoy “Casa el Molcajete”!