Manor in “God’s Country” (Cloudcroft, NM)

/Manor in “God’s Country” (Cloudcroft, NM)
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Located within Lincoln National Forest, this gorgeous house belongs to my parents. My father first purchased the property back in the early 1990s. For the following 20 years or so, he collected every single item you’ll see in craftsmanship detail. He added stairs, a lower level, a deck, a kitchen addition, and countless elements that I hope will be surprisingly evident once you stay at this unique and secluded place 9,000 feet above sea level.

The Manor in “God’s Country,” as the locals call Cloudcroft, will take your breath away the second you enter into the lower level. The foyer has a gas fireplace and a wonderfully decorated entrance living room. Further down the hall, you will encounter a studio with a computer, a printer and a full-size sofa-bed.

Once you go upstairs through the wooden steps, be prepared to be astounded upon encountering the spacious living room, the huge open kitchen and the large dining room. This open area includes a large, real fireplace which will most likely become the social nerve of the house when you stay here. The space is ideal to entertain and engage with others. The dining table can comfortably seat 10 people, and the kitchen has a center island with four breakfast stools. Four additional bar stools are located between the kitchen and the living room resting on a granite counter.

The master bedroom includes a queen-size bed with a private, double vanity bathroom, and is also found on the same second level. There are three full bathrooms, one on each level, and each decorated with legitimate tile and sinks brought from southern Mexico. The other three bedrooms are upstairs, all separated by a small but nicely furnished common area. Two bedrooms contain two twin beds each and the third one has a queen-size bed.

I could go on forever describing each feature in exquisite detail, but while my assessment of the Manor is obviously subjective, I can assure you that you have never stayed in a place quite like this one in your life. I have traveled the world and I certainly never have.

It took me awhile to convince my parents to open this place to the world. You will not regret the experience to stay in such extraordinary luxury in “God’s Country.”